As a realtor, I’ve learned where to find money in a home.

Each home is unique and has a personality just like the owner.  I take the time to learn every nuance possible. If something needs to be fixed or brought up to a higher quality, I am straight talker and we make it happen. I won’t let you show yourself at anything less than your best.

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I know what buyers want.

I will spend hours listening as they gush about what they’re looking for. Tile floors or hardwood?  A newer modern structure or a traditional Spanish style?  It’s a beautiful thing. I’m interested in fulfilling what they desire in a home and over time in conversations, emails and texts, they articulate it more.

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All along I have you in mind.

 I'm your home's wingman, talking it up, selling its best features, like the stunning view or the great school within walking distance. Then comes the negotiation. Buyers will pay whatever they can to fulfill on their dreams. I’ve been a buyer and know that if there’s something I must have, I don’t mind paying for it. After all, it’s worth it. I’ve earned it.

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This is an amazing time to sell your home.

Interest rates are low and there are many incentives for buyers.  Prices are on the rise and people are gaining equity. Maybe you want to upgrade your lifestyle.  You may be able to buy a more expensive property and make the same payment.  Maybe you want to move to another city.  It’s possible.  I will see to it.


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I value money and that’s not a bad thing.  It comes from valuing people and creating financial success with you.